The Future of Surveillance

Friday, April 26, 2013


Surveillance camera images of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev catalyzed not only the manhunt which caught them, but calls for more surveillance cameras around the country. It’s worth remembering that, right now, video surveillance is a blunt tool. Bob speaks with Christoph Bregler, an NYU computer science professor, about the ways that surveillance will soon be much more effective.


Professor Chistoph Bregler

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Bob Garfield

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Natalie from Portland, OR

So glad there were cameras to catch the Boston bombers. If it weren't for the surveillance video footage that revealed their identity, they may have had enough time to bomb Times Square (part of their plan by the way). I realize this is an unspeakable tragedy, and a sensitive time, but nevertheless, it's important to talk about.

Whether you're for or against cameras, you should take a look at an online safety tool called CommunityCam, which is a publicly-accessible, crowd-sourced map of public & private security cameras in the U.S. In case someone does become a victim of a street crime, they and/or law enforcement can look at the map to find out if there were any nearby cameras that may have recorded the incident. I've already added some cameras from my neighborhood in Portland, OR. I'm all for it as a 30-year-old single woman who bikes and runs. And hey, if you're worried about your privacy, you can always avoid the areas/streets with a high number of security cameras ;-)

Apr. 29 2013 01:18 PM
Dianne from San Diego

What I don't get is that we get all in a flutter about the government tracking, but we are fine with Google, Facebook and Twitter selling our personal information, and private corporations developing drones, cameras, phones, and with GPS systems that monitor our activities for their own corporate interests. We can't shop without marketing vultures sitting on our shoulders plucking our information off of the Internet. And we are dandy with using gadgets in a way that makes us vulnerable to hackers in our electronic lives. So it okay if "Big Brother" is Big Corporation but bad if it is Big Government? We are either hypocrites or deluded. I am not sure we're not both.

Apr. 28 2013 04:07 PM
Adam from Portland, OR

I was shocked to hear Professor Bregler seemingly miss Bob's references to "1984," ending the segment by essentially promoting the virtues of this sort of surveillance.

Apr. 26 2013 11:15 PM

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