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Friday, April 26, 2013


In a new documentary, The Kill Team, director Dan Krauss tells the story of the group of US soldiers convicted of murdering unarmed Afghan civilians. The documentary looks at the roles played by not one, but two soldier-whistleblowers. Krauss talks to Bob about the moral ambiguities of the story and the difficulty of doing the right thing in a war zone.


Dan Krauss

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Bob Garfield

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Krauss you are a master of manipulation! Please don't try to fool the public with this shameful generalized fiction!
A Bias film VOID OF ALL FACTS as well as the entire story! This is a unfair and poor excuse for a film. The true part of the story, the whole picture is not covered in his misshaped documentary. YOU GIVE A FINAL KICK TO THE BRAVE IN THEIR GRAVE THAT LOST THERE LIFE SERVING THE COUNTRY YOU LIVE IN AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF! You don't cover the fact that even though these few soldiers saw little action, the rest of the Brigade saw too much! They lost over 45 friends, teammates and brothers by the local afghan civilians who were actually the ones hunting them for sport, when they were only trying to help the country. This one soldier Gibbs had multiple deployments where he watched his brothers die horrible deaths in front of him, at the hands of the locals. Gibbs act was a isolated incident!!! In no way can you generalize or be allowed to exaggerate it. That is complete ignorance! Krauss you are certainly no authority in predicting future military behavior nor are you knowledgeable about military action and protocol.
I cant believe your arrogance Dan Krauss, when you are clueless to what it was that actually took place in Afghanistan!
Pvt/Spc Winfield and his clueless parents are "Liars" according to the lack of evidence of what they were claiming!
This is a unfair, bias, poor excuse for a documentary.
The true part of the story, the whole picture is not being covered!
Krauss you are a coward, making money off the Brave who sacrificed their lives! You just take one tiny piece of the 5-2ID (SBCT) deployment which was twisted by the media, you then edit it from your personal attitude! You cut and paste interviews of lies and truth to persuade viewers to share your ignorant views.
The film does not leave anyone open to conclusion! IT IS SWAYED IN ONE FALSE DIRECTION ONLY! To feed off of the clueless public!
All for your personal paycheck and window to fame!
Trying to come across like you know WTF you are talking about.
HOW DARE YOU DISGRACE ALL THE BRAVE SOLDIERS THAT LOST THEIR LIVES IN 5-2ID (SBCT) at the bloody hands of local Afghan civilians! And then not telling the whole story but picking pieces to shape your own lie for fame and a paycheck!
You who have never been in a War Zone.
War or war zones are NOT for the weak or stupid!
The general population is unable to handle or grasp the reality of war and what military live on a daily basis!
You again are CLUELESS and certainly no authority in predicting future military behavior!!!
You interview two Privates that did not want to be deployed in the first place and never should have joined to began with.
Don't think this farse of a doc is a window to deployment or what soldiers actually do.

Jun. 08 2013 03:34 AM
S. Newman from oregon

This event is not at all surprising. Many years ago Lloyd Alexander wrote a book called "The Kestrel". It's the story of the way a young man becomes more and more brutal and amoral in the course of a war. Intended for young adults, it should be read by everyone. "The Kestrel" is the best anti-war book I've ever found. It's not what we do to others; it's what we do to ourselves.

Apr. 27 2013 02:44 PM

Very interesting story; look forward to seeing the documentary one day. I was particularly struck by the notion that military service caused moral injury for some soldiers. As a coincidence, earlier today I read a story in the New York Post about a naturalized U.S. citizen from South Africa, who after finishing the Boston Marathon, witnessed up close the second bomb explode and the ensuing carnage. He then suffered flash-backs to his time of compulsory service in the South African Army, where he had suffered "moral injury," reasons which compelled him and his wife to emigrate. The flash backs to his time in Durban, S.A. rendered him unable to help the blast victim in front of him. George Orwell's essay Shooting the Elephant comes to mind.

Apr. 27 2013 01:56 PM

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