One Way To Make Money: Ask People For It

Friday, May 10, 2013


This month saw two big crowd-funding successes, as films by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and actor Zach Braff were put into production based on pledges from fans. Brooke talks crowdfunding past and future with Roman Mars, host of the show 99% Invisible, who used Kickstarter to fund his third season.


Citizen King - Better Days (And the Bottom Drops Out)


Roman Mars

Hosted by:

Brooke Gladstone

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I think celebrities are ruining Kickstarter for the small people- they are co-opting it and making it their own - I am so against it- they take everything- they have money and want more and take it from everyone-
they are completely selfish and not about seeing the small people come up - investments in film have always been risky and sexy and a celeb with a name will get more because people will be excited to be near it-
Kickstarter is now destroyed in my opinion- so tired of rich people and celebs taking everything- where does narcissism and greed end with them?

May. 12 2013 07:47 PM

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