Why The Tornado News Didn't Derail Scandal Coverage This Week

Friday, May 24, 2013


The Oklahoma tornado pressed pause on coverage of the scandal blitz, but only briefly. Blogger Andrew Tyndall of the Tyndall Report found that the tornado filled 91% of the three network evening news hole on Monday, and all of it on Tuesday. But by Wednesday, Tornado coverage dropped to just a third, and scandal crept back in. Brooke talks to political scientist Brendan Nyhan about what it takes for a natural disaster to overwhelm scandal coverage. 

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Brendan Nyhan

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Brooke Gladstone

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Matt C from Iowa

Actually, I'm pretty sure it happened to both then, because the story was definitely talking about G.H.W. Bush. I don't know about the Romney one, but I remember the H.W. non-incident (really it was someone not doing their job- - NO SURPRISES- - you get off message when there are surprises). Though I remember having laughed at the time, because I heard about it after the echo chamber took hold and it fit with my preconceived image of H.W.
Recycling story lines improves predictability. :)

Jun. 02 2013 12:33 PM
Matt C from Iowa

It seems to me that the narrative around the second term of a presidency serves several parties at the same time.
In that setting it is a way for the media to safely poke the presidency with a usually blunt (won't hurt) stick. A way to show that the president is out of touch (as if any of them have ever been in touch with an average person). Reagan's confusion is just another form of this.
It's a way to get people to start thinking about a new presidency in the not-too-distant future instead of falling in love with the current one.
It's predictable. Which the mega-media corps love (for several reasons related to money). Predictability helps the bottom line.
It's kinda lazy and sometimes irresponsible. But nobody seems to mind that.

Jun. 02 2013 12:23 PM
Nadine from Los Angeles

Just when you think the media is coming out of its liberal hibernation along comes this segment speaking to the scandals as non-scandals, just filler for slow news days. Jaw dropping coverage. This is why I stopped donating to KPCC, their no rant no slant is total BS. By the way it was Romney not Bush who was ridiculed at a market checkour stand.

May. 26 2013 08:06 PM

The general dismissal of these serious cases of alleged corruption by our ever expanding government are just further evidence that too much of the news media cannot be relied on to cover this administration honestly.
Thankfully there are several media outlets available with hungry journalists to serve a public growing tired of dismissive people who see serious investigative reporting of this administration as boorish and beneath their dignity.
This is an era and an opportunity for some to build a reputation for journalistic courage and excellence while other journalists for various reasons remain complacent and contemptuous of their work and scoops.

May. 26 2013 12:22 PM

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