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Friday, June 28, 2013


Lori Ruff  committed suicide on Christmas Eve, 2010, by shooting herself in her in-laws' driveway. The details of her death are clear. But the family she married into knew virtually nothing about her life. After her death they learned that she'd stolen the identity of a child who had died in a fire in 1971. But who was Lori Ruff, really? Brooke talks to The Seattle Times’ Maureen O’Hagan, who's asking readers to help solve this mystery.

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Maureen O'Hagan

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Brooke Gladstone

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Tara Sherman from United States

I believe I have found a person that went missing in 1987 that resembles Lori Erica Kennedy Ruff. This woman looks so much like her. I run a missing persons page, and just doing my usual research, I came across her picture. And I said, OMG, this is what's her I had to think about it a minute..and I finally remember Lori's/Becky's case. From there on out, I began to match things up, and this could very well be her! Can you please have Maureen O'Hagan contact me @ 832-289-7994, or at this email address. I am also waiting on a phone call back from Joe. I left him a message this morning. Tara Kay Sherman
Clear Lake, Tx

Apr. 06 2015 04:36 PM

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