A Coup by any other name

Friday, July 12, 2013


A military coup is essentially a military action that transfers government power from one entity to another. This sounds a lot like what happened in Egypt with the military's removal of President Mohamed Morsi, but the new Egyptian leadership - and the Obama administration - are refusing to call it a coup. Bob talks to Harvard law professor Noah Feldman about using the C-word.

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Noah Feldman

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"...they are totally dependent on our aid."

Noah Feldman grossly overstates the influence and importance of us monetary aid to Egypt and the Egyptian military: while 1.55 billion dollars at first glance seems to support Feldman's assertion, the consequence of the figure pales in comparison to the 16 billion donated by Egypt's neighbors. Reasoned assessment based on over simplified and incomplete views does not serve accurate apprehension. A single question challenging the statement could have transformed the distortion into an education. Such accepted wisdom dispensed without qualification by an 'expert' is exactly what I come to you at On The Media to avoid.

Of course, not every media outlet is equipped to address every story. While I enjoy On The Media including analysis as part your reporting on reporting, it is incumbent on you to provide the flattest mirror possible when offering your view into that world. Unless well informed, that view is just another variety of fun-house mirror: we come away thinking we have the skinny -when all we really have is a fat head.

Jul. 17 2013 04:47 AM

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