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Friday, July 19, 2013


Last Saturday, George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Since then, everyone from protesters to politicians to pundits have weighed in. Brooke talks to Tampa Bay Times media critic Eric Deggans about the reaction and how the verdict has reignited discussions of race in the U.S.


Eric Deggans

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Brooke Gladstone

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DeadRodenTyping from California

I was sorely disappointed by this interview. 'No one knew what happened...' I believe was a phrase repeated by On The Media's guest.

Wouldn't this have been a great time to address the reports that the forensic evidence failed to support Zimmerman's self-defense defense? Having read several stories about this, I'm rather surprised that your guest was able to say 'we don't know anything'. Unfortunately, forensic science has made a few advances in the last century or two, not to mention DNA testing, and yet somehow someone says, "This is all about people's biases."

The contrast between this interview and the piece which followed--a very strong opinion piece about the anti-vaccination loons--elicited in me a sense of terrible despair and concomitant sense of ineptitude.
Perhaps the Zimmerman trial was less about how the Zimmerman-Martin affair acted as a Rorschach blot for our preconceptions, and was much more about how the race of the victim affects the weight of strong, sound medical/empirical evidence. This seems terribly obvious to me. How about less reliance on "media experts" and more reliance on "facts" and "journalism"???

Jul. 25 2013 07:38 PM
Gordon from Birmingham AL.

I have mixed feelings about the outcome of this trial. I am very saddened by the Martin families loss. Like President Obama initially said, reiterated by Erick Holder, US Attorney General, we have to trust the system, that the jury got it right.

During the Press Briefing President Obama made a surprise appearance to comment on the Zimmerman trial. He said that Trayvon could have been him. The sad fact is that the great majority of crimes against Blacks are committed by Blacks. According to a Dept. of Justice study in 2005, 93% of all Black murder victims were killed by other Blacks. The President, NAACP, and Black politicians have to play to their supporters. According to one FOX News program host, "it's all about the money". The NAACP and the President need to get worked up about the Black on Black crime in Chicage, Detroit, and New York. We can do something about that other than building more jails. Job training and the possibility for good jobs for felons would go a long way.

Jul. 22 2013 04:59 PM
Mark Richard from WOSU

No discussion of the MSM's role in ginning up division in this case, similar to its handling of the Rodney King case. The scenario is now as follows: an 'incident' occurs which MSM producers attempt to cram into a 'To Kill a Mockingbird' liberal narrative by artful editing and framing. There is a trial. The jurors, who are given less-edited information and who by definition do not have a pre-existing liberal-movie scenario with a stranglehold on their minds, finds the defendent not guilty - an outcome which shoddy, lazy liberal journalism has not prepared its consumers. MSM hand-wringing follows, abetted by cynical African-American 'leaders' who know how to play white liberals like pianos. Information that challenges the bad-white-person/nobly-suffering-black victim narrative, such as Zimmerman's own mixed-race family and extensive social contacts with African-Americans, is minimized.

The urban/bourgeois bias is on full display when you ask, as OTM does not, why certain stories are selected for highlighting and other, apparently similar stories are not. TIME this week, in its dully predictable take on the case, talked about the high percentages of African-American victims of violence - table included - but didn't get around to mentioning the other side of the coin, which is the high percentage of African-American perpetrators. 'Whites' are much more likely to be the victims of interracial violence, when it occurs, than perpetrators. But the MSM clings to its narrative, even if its functionaries, in my experience, know the reality and adjust their own lives accordingly. Even if the narrative means that white victims are nobodies to these liberal, open-minded, compassionate folks, (the President of the United States apparently included) for the purposes of metaphor and 'social issues'. The cycle repeats itself, in some small part becuase of the persistance of the myths peddled by the chattering classes.

Jul. 22 2013 01:12 PM

If you posit that no one really knows what went on in the exchange between Zimmerman and MUST accept that Zimmerman is innocent. We PRESUME someone is innocent unless there are real facts to the contrary. Why should the rules change for Zimmerman just because he is sort-of white and Martin was black? Furthermore, his account meshes perfectly with the physical, recorded, forensic and witnessed evidence. It withstood harsh police interrogation including a walk through of the scene and TWO lie detector test. The COPS believe him. The original PROSECUTOR believe him. Apparently now the jury believes him too. Apparently the only people who do not believe him are truly racists.

Jul. 21 2013 04:49 PM

If the facts of the case show that the incident did not involve race then why is the media and politicians before, during and after obsessing over it while downplaying or ignoring real injustices.
What about the edited NBC 911 recording, the inappropriate legal overcharging, the threats against the defendant and the details of the not so "peaceful" protests and those that incited it.
Could it be that is why the jurors fear to go public?
What about our Attorney General ("voice of the President") who is contemptuous of Congressional inquires about him but is launching a seemingly politically inspired investigation of this acquitted defendant? Should our Justice Department be seen making common cause with activists?

The "progressive" politicizing of the law and government agencies is the real story and the real injustice here.

Jul. 20 2013 08:56 AM

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