The Media Supernova

Friday, August 30, 2013


There are more ways than ever to consume media, and more media than ever to consume. But as the landscape becomes ever more fragmented and advertising revenue continues to stall, Bob and Brooke ask the question: is the Golden Age of content sustainable, or just a supernova, a dying star burning exceptionally bright?

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Ellen Bateman from Evanston, IL

Brooke asks if general taste in America has fallen off ( 9/1/13, WBEZ Chicago, of an earlier program, Supernova). Yes! And here's a fresh example.

Just returned from a church service as guest of a devout friend. ( Haven't been to church since my childhood 50 years ago.) Sitting among members of this well-intentioned congregation, I could have been watching a "do you want to be a star" TV show for all the posing and crooning coming from members of the "choir" positioned center-stage and loudly amplified before the alter.

Father forgive us! and hope You're taking the Labor Day week-end off, managing to miss this spectacle! Ellen Bateman, Evanston, IL

Sep. 01 2013 01:55 PM
Melissa Nourigat from Beaverton Oregon

Advertising and Marketing, transacted into purchasing is limited to income and budget, always has been. Most consumers are not all impulsive shoppers and or this habit is limited to trinket purchases, as such, small change. Consumers typically have certain staples, brands and markets they buy from because they trust the products. If you are lucky you catch the eye of a budget that needs something you are selling. This includes the disposable cash, "loose change." If we talk like the world today, the 99% don't have the budget to be frivolous, so that leaves the 1%, not much of a margin to sell to except their purse strings. However, there is nothing more extraordinary than a great marketing plan and campaign. Even though media technology is an open door today, it takes a brilliant strategist to build the need for the consumer, nothings changed here. It takes 14 impressions to catch a consumers eye and 14 more before they "might" buy from you. I go back to my original sentence that it's based on budget. So if you want US consumers to buy - MAKE SOME JOBS that pay more than minimum wage and stop selling out the farm!

Aug. 31 2013 03:07 PM

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