Warrantless Device Searches at US Borders

Friday, September 13, 2013


There has long been a quiet exception to the constitutional protection against warrantless search and seizure. It happens routinely at every US border, where federal agents are free to confiscate--and copy--contents of hard drives, cell phones, and other electronic data. Bob talks to New York Times contributor Susan Stellin, who broke a story this week with new insights into how the US government exploits the loophole to target journalists, activists and who knows who else.


Susan Stellin

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Bob Garfield

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jf from nyc

“Drivers are given small RFID transponders that are scanned in tollbooths, at which point the toll is automatically deducted from a pre-paid account. One hacker got curious whether the RFID tags were being scanned elsewhere, so he tweaked his E-ZPass to blink a light and make a noise every time it was read. He tested the streets of New York City, and wasn't surprised to see it light up in plenty of places where there were no tollbooths to be found.”
— NYC Is Tracking RFID Toll Collection Tags All Over the City - Slashdot (via iamdanw)

Sep. 15 2013 10:39 AM
jf from reality

You make a lot of stupid assumptions. The only desire for "security" was by the terrorists who perpetrated the attacks: The united states government. The fbi, the cia, the nsa. war profiteers and criminal gangs that rule our own government.

Sep. 15 2013 10:23 AM

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