Blurred Lines

Friday, May 09, 2014


In Washington, the lines are increasingly blurring between politicians, lobbyists and the media. Bob meets with a journalist turned lobbyist, the man known as the "doorman to the revolving door," and perhaps the most infamous lobbyist of all time to talk about the industry of DC.

Song: I Am the Slime by Frank Zappa


Jack Abramoff, Bob Barnett, Jeffrey Birnbaum and Mark Leibovich

Hosted by:

Bob Garfield

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reporter from round lake, IL

Earth Shattering: hardly. This could have been very revealing before Leibovitch's book or before Iraq War spin rodeo. Anyway, thanks for stating the obvious that the DC's Media Universe wears no clothes. It actually reminds me of descriptions of courtiers by contemporaries of 18th century's French court. Welcome to a new reality of media feudalism. As far as the quote I think Abramoff got it best, short and sweet: This is business.

May. 11 2014 08:05 AM
Douglas from El Paso

Your coverage of that lobbying firm reminded me of the series of Doonesbury strips about Duke and his son, Earl, as principals of a lobbying firm that specializes in representing corrupt third-world dictatorships. That made me aware that your show neglected to cover the depiction of Washington, D.C., in comic strips. You could have interviewed Garry Trudeau, Tom Tomorrow, or other artists. An NPR audience would have appreciated that.

May. 10 2014 10:38 AM
Steven Schwerin from Dayton, Ohio

Why do you refer to Washington DC as a 'market'? Are you intentionally being deceptive and showing your leftist roots?

Washington DC is not a market place in the sense of the 'free market' or even relatively free markets. Washington DC is an example of everything becoming political as a result of property rights being eroded. To explain this, what happens when property rights are eroded is that people can lobby the power of the government...with its police take from someone who has under the current rules.

This is really bad form for someone pretending to be objective. Using Rove as your example and the rhetoric you attach to him is also bad form.

This is a great idea for a piece of meta journalism, though. I would just leave thinking that Rove is somehow a villain... i.e. Republicans are villains and the cause of the current Washington milieu...and that Washington DC is an example of capitalism out of control.

May. 08 2014 12:09 PM

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