CNN and Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Friday, April 25, 2014


After 7 weeks CNN remains the go-to channel for an exhaustive amount of Malaysian Flight 370 coverage. Bob talks with Andrew Tyndall of The Tyndall Report who says the network's fixation on the flight is eroding its reputation as a news network. 


Andrew Tyndall

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Bob Garfield

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So CNN earns itself the title of "news-lite..."

now, who tunes in to "news-lite" once a serious story rolls back around, like the invasion of Iraq or airliners flying into the twin towers?

Everyone will scramble to get on top of the next huge story, but it won't be "news-lite" to which they'll turn when a months-long, all important story next hits.

THAT is the stupid risk CNN is taking... they'll be buried when people once again need REAL NEWS from a real news source.

Of course, not too many cable news channels are much better, but at least those at the TOP of the dung heap can occasionally gasp a breath of fresh air.

Apr. 27 2014 10:21 AM

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