Combating "Bad" Speech With More Speech

Friday, January 24, 2014


The blogger Crystal Cox has also targeted First Amendment lawyer Marc Randazza, his wife, and their toddler. Bob spoke to Randazza in the Spring of 2012 about how Cox's actions were testing his free speech values. Since then, Randazza decided to take her to court and won. (He told us this week that his legal strategy had nothing to do with the content of Cox's speech and were instead based on domain law. His court arguments are available upon request, for free, if you ever find yourself in Cox's cross hairs). Randazza also blogs at The Legal Satyricon.


Marc Randazza

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Bob Garfield

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Crystal L. Cox

Ya Bob Garfield, why don't Marc Randazza File Criminal Charges, or why don't You. I have filed motion after motion asking for investigations. Marc throws a judicial hissy fit and nothing happens.

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Feb. 09 2014 08:46 PM
A.C. Senray

I certainly admire Marc Randazza's commitment to free speech rights. But I'm a little bit confused by his refusal to bring claims against Crystal Cox. Is he arguing that the First Amendment should overwhelm any kind of action, civil or criminal, for defamation, invasion of privacy, harassment, or racketeering? It seems like Randazza might have a plausible claim for any of these things or more, all based on the content of Cox's speech. While I am a free speech advocate, I think all these kinds of claims are valid. Why did he think he could assert only a domain name cybersquatting claim against her?

Jan. 26 2014 11:22 AM
David Spalding from Durham, NC

Oh, YAY. I'm so glad he was able to confront and defeat this person. Citizens who pervert the law to their own gains should be dealt with swiftly and fairly.

Jan. 25 2014 06:20 PM

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