Copyright Law for Extraterrestrials

Friday, March 14, 2014


Somewhere at the edge of our heliosphere, billions of miles from Earth, the Voyager 1 spacecraft carries the sounds of a few musicians from our planet into the interstellar void. It also carries a legacy of extraterrestrial copyright law. Bob talks with The New Yorker's music critic Alex Ross about the nature of intergalactic intellectual property.


Alex Ross

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Bob Garfield

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Michael Taylor from Los Angeles, Calif.

As a longtime listener and your occasional corespondent from Hollywood (where I've worked in set lighting for feature films, television commercials, music videos, episodic television and sit-coms) I feel compelled to share the following rather sweeping notice that was posted at the audience entrance to a sound stage of a particular reality show then being shot at the studio where I work:

"This area is being used for the taping of a television program. By your entrance into this area and your presence, you give unqualified consent to the producers to record, use, broadcast, and publicize your voice, actions, likeness, and appearance in any manner in connection with the program and all exploitation of the program including, without limitation, the marketing and promotion of the program, forever and throughout the universe, in any and all media whether now known or hereafter devised. Further, you agree to release NAME OF PRODUCTION COMPANY REDACTED and its successors, licensees and assigns from any liability resulting from such use."

Not a lot of wiggle room in "forever and throughout the universe," is there? The corporate drone who came up with this bulletproof slab of legal boilerplate must be very proud...

Mar. 16 2014 07:13 PM

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