Courting the Young Invincibles

Friday, March 28, 2014


With the official enrollment deadline for the Affordable Care Act approaching, the Obama Administration is trying every which way to get the message out.  This effort ranges from ordinary TV ads, to quirkier celeb-filled spoofs, to testimonials from YouTube celebrities. Bob speaks to Joe Rospars, CEO and Co-Founder of Blue State Digital, who served as the principal digital strategist for both of Obama’s campaigns, about capturing the attention of the ever-elusive “young invincibles.”


Joe Rospars

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Bob Garfield

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Apr. 02 2014 01:25 PM
JF from The land of mass corruption

The medical industry and it's parasites, the insurance industry have PAYED THE MAFIA CORRUPT GOVERNMENT INTO FORCING US TO PAY THIS EXTORTION AND GAUGING.

Mar. 30 2014 10:20 AM

as a society, rather than question why a bag of saline costs 800 dollars and all other medical gougiung prices exist, and abolish this criminal pricing, extortion, we just decided to force everyone to pay it without question. No one needs to pay. YOU CANT GO TO JAIL FOR MEDICAL BILLS AND DOCTORS ARE OBLIGATED TO TREAT YOU.

Mar. 30 2014 10:14 AM

I was disappointed by this story and it's weird inaccuracy and contradictions.

Usually I count on On The Media to be correcting the factual errors made by the rest of the media. But in this story, Bob gets his number of enrollees wrong twice. First he says enrollement is 1 million shy of the original 7 million government projection (although to be fair, after the intial trouble with the website, they changed the projection months ago to 6 million, so they already hit that number). Then later he says the ACA has fallen 2 million people short, contradicting his first number (and being even more wrong).

Wuh? How did no one notice Bob uses two different numbers for the same thing over the course of the same story?

The person who is doing the best job of tracking enrollees, Detroit web developer Charles Gaba (widely cited as the best source on this), puts the current number at 6.72 million. See: In other words, basically hitting the original 7 million projection.

Ironically, just this past Wednesday, Paul Krugman commented in his blog that you can pretty much tell who in the media is following Gaba's reports and have a real idea of what's going on and who is just repeating official announcements or spin. That is the sort of snarky comment I usually expect On The Media to make about others in the media, rather than see aptly applied to On The Media itself.

Doubly ironically, two stories later On The Media goes into great depth about another number (the amount of oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez) that the media has gotten desparately wrong for years, due to their "puppy dog" lack of attention to details.

It's hard to take On the Media seriously on the Exxon Valdez, when they just made the exact same type of poorly reported, superficial story on ACA signups.

Mar. 29 2014 09:34 PM
Douglas from El Paso

Coverage of the ACA, including yours, seems to imply that ineffective advertising and publicity is the only reason that 18-to-34-year-olds aren't enrolling as expected. Although your program focuses on mass communication, you could have at least acknowledged that economic and other factors also affect enrollment.

Mar. 29 2014 10:28 AM

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