Dare to Stream

Friday, August 01, 2014


Bob goes to Hollywood to track down the future of television and locates it....in his laptop. A special report on streaming video, first aired in March of 2014.


Johanna Blakley, Jeffrey Cole, Dick Glover, Mitch Hurwitz, Joe Lewis and David Tochterman

Hosted by:

Bob Garfield

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sandrita m from los angeles

Some of us remember when the nightly news was about serious news events-not previews of Dancing With The Stars. The future of television will be news programs with even fewer serious news accounts. The latest trend on the nightly news is re-playing popular internet videos. This kind of fare used to be consigned to 'Inside Edition' or 'Caught on Camera' or 'RightThisMinute', but now ABC Nightly News has been showing the same videos. Look for more in the future.

Aug. 03 2014 06:18 PM
Bob Clegg from CT

As always a great show
Every time a "new world order of TV" show is done
The show's producers will always fail to mention Bittorrent
as a globally common way to obtain and watch television media
My favorite way to watch the Daily Show is to download and watch it in the AM
while eating breakfast. Takes all of two or three minutes.
The volunteers that create the thousands of Torrents that we can download
and watch free of charge are to be applauded
As we all know, consumers have changed the way we watch media
A digital, commercial free, media service in the Bittorrent model
Is it even possible?

Aug. 03 2014 03:58 PM
Felix Ray

When Bob says about network TV "Mainly, though, overwhelmingly, it produced the likes of this:"

And I knew, just KNEW that I was about to hear about"My Mother The Car". How did I know that?

Let's give a little credit, shall we? "My Mother The Car" is NOT typical of sixty years of broadcast television. It's a special moment of WTFness that everyone remembers 49 years later. With a catchy theme song. I know I must have seen the show, because I can sing 100 per cent of the theme song. How many shows from 1965 are currently streaming on HULU?

Of course, to come up with an example of typical network braodcast fare is difficult, because the typical shows are the ones you don't remember, like... "Medical Center" and "Apple's Way". Which I can remember, just barely.

Aug. 03 2014 01:37 PM

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