Drunk Dial Your Congressperson

Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 11:07 AM


Via Politico, news of a new website that lets angry citizens and furloughed DC employees drunk dial their congressperson. 

It's called, appropriately, drunkdialcongress.org. You can dial representatives toll-free from the website itself. They don't give you booze, but they offer a list of talking points and cocktail recipes. 

I don't know, I guess it's cute. It reminds me of the advertisement that Oreo ran on Twitter during the Superbowl blackout, except instead of using the stadium shutdown to sell cookies, it's using the collapse of our government to raise awareness for the ad firm behind the site, Revolution Messaging. 

I genuinely can't tell if if this is pretty meh or if I'm just being grouchy about a small, harmless idea. What do you guys think? And also, isn't it strange that here's an entire part of our economy built around making sure we have links to send around in the morning? 


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I like the idea. Can't wait to get home and start boozing...

How did people waste time at work and procrastinate before the link sharing, click-bait economy existed? That being said, I purposely avoid Buzzfeed, and am starting to resent slate, and FastCo.

Oct. 10 2013 12:10 PM

It doesn't solve anything but I at least appreciate the fact that talking point #1 appears to be aimed at dumbshit asshole Rep. Neugebauer. Aiming this at the people who actually caused it is worth something. Then again you can drunk dial anyone you want.

Oct. 10 2013 12:07 PM

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