Frustration in the White House Press Corps

Friday, December 13, 2013


Frustration is growing in the White House press corps due to limited access to the "transparency" president. In a piece that originally aired in March, Bob goes to the White House to find out how the role of the press corps is changing under this media savvy administration.

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Ann Compton, E.J. Dionne, Josh Earnest, Major Garrett, Kevin Ogle and Susan Peters

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Bob Garfield

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Mark Richard

The press has been so deferential to the Obama Administration that it is no wonder it gets treated by the White House with amused contempt. The Obama Administration asserted its rights to abrogate First Amendement rights in the 'Citizens United' case oral arguments - in which it didn't stop at restrictions on those 'big corporations' which fever up the minds of some political swamps, but went on to say that any book, documentary, pamphlet or other media would, in it's view, be subject to suppression if it were a 'corporate product' (sorry, Random House) and endorsed a candidate or cause (that also means, you New York Times Corporation). Innocents don't have to believe me - you can look it up on the record. Mainstream journalists rolled over, in line with their political sympathies (and some self-interest), and are only now weakly speaking up about prosecution of leakers, monitoring of their e-mail, etc. Probably too late.

Dec. 18 2013 12:40 PM
Mike Fitzgibbon from Ashland, Wisconsin

White House media relations needs a shake-up. Great on social media, but they seem to get blindsided regularly. They then compensate by trying to control the news media. Yes, Fox media don't deserve serious consideration, but nobody considers them seriously, anyway. Deliberative and proactive thinking seems absent in the Administration's public relations. Missing the impending disaster with the ACA Web site was unforgivable. Heads should have rolled long ago.

Dec. 15 2013 06:54 PM
CS from Brooklyn, NY

It's not the White House, but I'd love to see OTM do something about Matthew Lee from AP. He seems like one of very few journalists doing the kind of work the show is calling for

Dec. 15 2013 06:44 PM

The White House Press Corps and most of cable TV "journalists" are utterly useless and worse. They are expert in only one subject: political gossip. They don't know history, believe research is talking to sources and colleagues, ask incredibly stupid, uninformed or biased questions, are lemmings attached to whatever is the, usually silly, hot button item of the day. Pick the dumbest House of Representatives member, clone him and you've got the Washington Press Corps.

Dec. 15 2013 05:44 PM

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