Google's Robot Brigade

Friday, April 18, 2014


Google has recently scooped up more than a half dozen robot companies. Their specialties range from artificial limbs to 3D machine vision to scurrying insect-bots and humanoid soldiers. But Google has kept mum about why they're acquiring these technologies. Brooke talks with Henrik Christensen, a professor of robotics at Georgia Tech, about what Google might do with its new toys. 


Henrik Christensen

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Brooke Gladstone

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Dianne from San Diego

It seems to me that we miss the obvious reason for Google taking over as much technology as possible. In our worship of corporate wealth, we are systematically poisoning the earth and making it unlivable for ourselves and other creatures. We are destroying the habitat for millions of animals (insects, birds, mammals, fish, lizards, etc.) in the name of greed and feeding the unending hunger for money and power that the 1% has. What to do? Well, create creatures that can live in the poisonous environment we have left. Robots. Mechanical beings that Google and the 1% control, perhaps from a safe distance such as Mars or Planet Kepler-186f where they plan to set up shop and start destroying as soon as they land. Because it is all about acquisition. The politicians of the extreme right, supporters of corporate welfare, will tell you that those of us who cannot live in this contaminated world should be eliminated or allowed to die without the extension of help or compassion. To be profitable, we have to be heartless. Why not get rid of the fragile humans and give our contaminated world over to creatures made in our own image....also heartless. Except for Wall-e, of course.

And, by the way, Google is not the only search engine. We doomed ourselves the day we decided to advertise Google in our language by making it a verb and there for essential for forming sentences (which it isn't except in the land of the unimaginative).

Apr. 20 2014 08:41 PM

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