Happy Friday, Everyone!

Friday, October 04, 2013 - 03:20 PM

(Nicholas Sassoon)

Another week is gone. Here are some fun links to distract you from time's ceaseless rush. 

The gif above can be yours for only $1800.

Twitter's made its IPO public, and confused investors are buying up stock in a stereo company: "Tweeter Home Entertainment Group Inc. (TWTRQ) stock is up 523% Friday, trading at the whopping price of 5 cents. It hit as high as 13 cents in morning trade." The invisible hand of the marketplace is not a careful reader, I guess.

Data mining reveals that when emailing, "men use more fear words [then women], especially when communicating with other men." 

CNN tracked down the voice of Siri. She's a charming suburban Atlantean named Susan Bennet:

"There are some people that just can read hour upon hour upon hour, and it's not a problem. For me, I get extremely bored ... So I just take breaks. That's one of the reasons why Siri might sometimes sound like she has a bit of an attitude," Bennett said with a laugh. "Those sounds might have been recorded the last 15 minutes of those four hours."

In Britain, the police maintain fake houses designed to catch burglars, "bristling inside with tiny surveillance cameras and ready to spray invisible chemical markings onto anyone who steps inside—or slips in through the window, as the case may be."





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Bea from NYC

Hi guys. While I appreciate OTM trying to spread its wings, "TLDR" so far is just terrible and without redeeming features. Could you please remove it from the regular OTM podcast feed?

Perhaps just start it as a separate feed for those with short attention spans and bad taste. :) As a devoted OTM listener I found TLDR (through the 1.5 episodes I heard) pointless, lacking in any depth or direction, and a real waste of my time. (I'm skipping episode 2 because I already followed that boring hipster-not-a-hipster story on Metafilter. And of course he's a hipster poseur.) OTM itself never fails to delight.

Please remove TLDR from the regular feed. As it stands it really detracts from the OTM (sorry) "brand".

Thanks for your consideration.

Oct. 06 2013 07:08 PM

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