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Friday, September 20, 2013 - 02:18 PM

Comedian Louis CK has mocked the Common Core approach to teaching math (Youtube/Youtube)

That most glorious day is once again upon us. Here's some of the cool, interesting, or weird stuff we could not find a home for on the blog this week. 

-Louis CK's newest late night Sermon on the Mount. I don't really agree with it! Particularly the first half, where he argues that kids are mean because... cell phones? I guess I'm willing to concede that many of use our devices to distract ourselves from the yawning void inside of us. What do you guys think?


-This is admittedly wonky, but Google has a solution that might mean the end of cookiesRemember a few years ago when we worried about cookies instead of a massive domestic spying apparatus. We were so young!


-This is just a very nice Paul Ford essay about writing and being stuck, generally


-The story of @BurlCoatFactory, a weird Twitter account started as a parody of corporate Twitter speak. Somehow, it was accidentally linked to by the Burlington Coat Factory corporate site.

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Louis CK isn't saying "kids are mean because...cell phones," he's saying that kids learn how to be civil and empathetic through face-to-face interaction. He's saying the increasingly removed way in which we communicate is undermining that process. I have no idea if he's actually correct or not, but that's his argument. It's a pretty straightforward argument, I'm not sure why you, Mr. Vogt, feel the need to simplify it into a straw man.

Sep. 22 2013 09:59 PM

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