Here's One of the Guys Silk Road's Founder Allegedly Tried to Murder

Friday, November 08, 2013 - 08:57 AM

His name is Curtis Clark Green and he's a 47-year-old grandfather from Spanish Fork, Utah. 

Green spoke to Epic Magazine. He said that he was an administrator for Ross Ulbricht, although the two never met and Green said he only knew Ulbrich as Dread Pirate Roberts. He says that he never stole money from the site, and he doesn't offer an explanation for why Ulbricht might want him dead: 

In January 2013 federal agents stormed into my home and arrested me on drug charges. According to federal agents, DPR paid an undercover agent to murder me. The agents took photos as they faked my murder. I did not know the identity of DPR or any other user of SR. I never stole from DPR, SR or any SR users. On the advice of my attorney, I cannot give any further details, as I still face serious federal charges.


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It was never alleged that anyone stole from SR, it was alleged that they threatened the anonimity of users and/or vendors in attempt to extort money from DPR...

Nov. 12 2013 05:04 PM

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