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Friday, February 07, 2014


This week, a man named Matthew Mills interrupted the post-Super Bowl MVP press conference to let the world know that 9/11 was perpetrated by the US Government. News outlets pounced at the chance to interview him, flocking to the internet to locate his web presence. A few ended up contacting a different Matthew Mills, who gamely played along. PJ Vogt talks to the non-conspiracy minded Matthew Mills about his run-ins with the news media. This story originally aired onĀ TLDR -- OTM's new blog and podcast.


Matthew Mills

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PJ Vogt

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Drew and Marc Fan from Midwest

Hey On the Media.... Longtime Drew Lane fan. He hardly pretends to be a journalist... it is a sports/comedy talk show.

Feb. 11 2014 04:04 PM
Drew and Marc Fan from Midwest

Hey On the Media.... Longtime Drew Lane fan. He hardly pretends to be a journalist... it is a sports/comedy talk show.

Feb. 11 2014 04:01 PM
Benoit Balz from nyc

The OTM staff does themselves and their listeners a big disservice by running a throwaway piece like this. The mocking tone and the joke nature of the whole thing made it something that did not deserve airtime. C'mon Bob and Brooke...

There are many serious unanswered questions about what went down on 911. History will certainly reveal these things, but the question is: why is this country afraid to look at them?

If the "story" of 911 is proven to be wholly or partially bunk, and many indicators point to that being the case, it would be the biggest journalism story of out time, and a story one would think OTM would at least be interested in.

For starters, check out this little thing that ran, believe it or not, in that nutty rag of anti-Bush conspiracy, the NY Post. Then, please, please go from there...


Feb. 09 2014 12:19 PM
MrJM from Chicagoville

Matthew Mills: "I'm like the loose change..."

Did he say "Loose Change"?!?



-- MrJM

Feb. 09 2014 10:02 AM
Steven Rudin from Massapequa Park, NY

The real Mathew Mills might as well have said "your mother wears green underwear" into that mike because, other than becoming temporarily famous, he accomplished nothing. Those who believe with him that there was a massive conspiracy on 9 11 will always believe that, and those who do not will always believe there wasn't a conspiracy. No minds were changed by his little media adventure. It certainly is amazing that the media will chase any story, no matter how bizarre, and not even take precautions to interview the right person.

Feb. 08 2014 06:22 PM
Kellam from Brooklyn NY

Hi Guys,

Love the show, I was; however, very disappointed with your coverage of the Matthew Mills story. Yes, the rest of America believes that the "Truth Movement" is a collection of conspiracy theorists that are near to insane. Ironically the "Truth Movement" would blame the "media" for dropping the ball on what they consider to be the truth. So for me a person with no interest in any of these perspectives it was still hard not to feel that your story about Matthew Mills had a very ironic tone, given the aim of your show. Bob starts with the premise that the conspiratorial Matthew Mills is simply an idiot, even the tone of his voice is painfully dismissive of what the conspiratorial Matthew is talking about. The media told us that a plane crash landed in PA and completely evaporated. That fact is a plane always leaves debris, the only other time in history that a plane didn't leave lots of recognizable debris was that same day at the pentagon. The media told us that a plane hit the pentagon, yet no one has ever seen on the "media" a plane hitting the Pentagon, also in the most common of images plastered over the front page of every newspaper in the world sone can see the glass of windows still in place where the planes wings should have hit the the Pentagon. I am not presenting a conspiracy here but simply presenting information that wasn't paid attention to by the media.

There are endless common sense examples that make the story of 9/11 so hard to believe, all of which where missed by the media. The sort of stuff Matthew Mills was trying to bring light to in his stunt. So for me it seems reasonable that some people no longer scared of being ostracized for questioning the story told to them by "the media" are seeking answers. I love and respect your show and realize 9/11 is still a hands off subject but it would please me very much to feel that you are no longer afraid and pull back the veil a little bit. In that case "on the media" might not have used this story as a comic aside but rather a serious reflection on the media and how it handled the coverage of 9/11. Here is a link:

http://youtu.be/mW96DJW4vx4 (skip to 2:21 to see the windows intact)

Again I don't care, right now; for me, regardless of what happened during 9/11 I still have to pay my bills, and work hard everyday to make ends meet. So the issue is a bit mute not to mention the fact that no one else seems to care. The irony here is that you and your show unlike myself should care, it is your job but you missed it and instead treated Matthew Mills with condescension and a tragic hollow sort of irony. Sorry tried to be brief.

Feb. 07 2014 09:40 PM

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