Journey to the Center of the NSA

Friday, December 20, 2013


Last Sunday's 60 Minutes profile of the NSA was almost universally reviled. But 60 Minutes is not the only outlet that has spent time at the agency's headquarters in Maryland. Brooke talks to Daniel Drezner, who wrote about his trip to the NSA's headquarters and the agency's new PR push for Foreign Policy.

Shigeto - Ringleader


Daniel W. Drezner

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Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone

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reporter from round lake, il

Khodorkovsky is the only oligarch alive that has a saint halo around him according to how he is painted in the US media. The similar imprint is also at work with Ukraine's Tymoshenko. What US media does not report that he is widely reviled in Russia for the style and way he made his fortune destroying and damaging many other people in the process. Even the New York Times reported on this in its early truth-telling moments. I think this type of media "framing" is very similar to others that come from this part of the world, Gorbachev and Walesa being prime examples. In case of new darling of anti-Putin crusade my Russian friend told me simply: "Khodorkovsky stole his fortune from Russia and Putin stole it back."

Dec. 22 2013 03:00 PM
STEVE from portland, or

It seems to me the media is doing something similar to the Welfare Queen story in the way they portray Putin's pardon of the billionaire, in the sense that the media puts on their narrow glasses and goes with the more "buzzy" story that suggests it is some amazing thing, while it is widely known that he was almost finished with his 10 year sentence and was due out next summer. Almost zero reports I've heard and read have bothered to mention this.

Dec. 21 2013 09:56 PM

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