Lenny Dykstra's Downfall

Friday, November 29, 2013


Former baseball player Lenny "Dude" Dykstra has become a seemingly endless fount of stories for sports reporters who cover scandal. He's been arrested for grand theft auto and drug possession, declared bankruptcy, and been accused of bouncing a check to a prostitute. Philadelphia sports writer Frank Fitzpatrick has been covering Dykstra since before his fall from grace, and in an interview that originally aired in 2011, he talks to Bob about how sports writers can be complicit in the bad behavior of the athletes they cover.


Frank Fitzpatrick

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Bob Garfield

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chicagocam from Evanston, Illinois

Yes, I agree that "dirtbag" describes Mr. Dykstra's personality quite well.

I don't recall if it was Frank Fitzpatrick or not, but someone wrote an insightful article for Sports Illustrated on the ballplayer during the year after the Phillies had won the World Series. What I remember most about the story was that apparently Mr. Dykstra had for some reason visited France in the off season and gone out to eat at one of the finest restaurants in Paris. Seated at his table by the maitre d', the honored guest was politely asked if he'd like to have his baseball cap checked during the meal, but Mr. Dykstra refused. Even though it was made clear that the restaurant would prefer that the cap be removed, the wearer chose to defy custom and kept it on throughout the meal. No wonder the French hate Americans!

I already had a strong distaste for the personality of Lenny Dykstra before the end of the season and this item confirmed for me that my opinion was correct.

Dec. 01 2013 12:46 AM

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