Listeners Trying to Shed Light on DHS

Friday, December 06, 2013


In October, OTM launched a "Shed Light on DHS" tool, which connects constituents with their representatives in Congress in order to ask for more transparency from the Department of Homeland Security. Brooke speaks with some OTM listeners who have used the tool, Philip Elmer-Dewitt, Alison Dalton Smith and Ehud Gavron, about their experiences.

Oddisee - All Along The River


Alison Dalton Smith, Philip Elmer-Dewitt and Ehud Gavron

Hosted by:

Brooke Gladstone

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Neil from Austin

You guys are hypocrites.

After the 9/11, US law enforcement and intelligence communities went to Israel to learn from them how to deal with Islamic radicalism. Many of the methods and policies later implemented in the US by various agencies were inspired by Israel's accumulated experience in dealing with Palestinians.

I've been listening to On the Media from day 1, and not once have I heard the program talk about the how the US media treats Israel and its influence on America. Now that Israeli mentorship of American intelligence agencies has begun to erode our civil rights and poison our democracy, it's finally time to discuss this; yet, On the Media continues to be cute and avoid the real issue. Very disappointing.

Dec. 08 2013 10:48 AM

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