New York Wants to Ban Tiger Cuddling Pictures

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 - 10:07 AM

Tinder Guys With Tigers (

Many men on Tinder like to post profile pictures of themselves cuddling tigers. 

For whatever reason, this is a real thing. Enough so that there's a tumblr that strictly curates pictures of doe-eyed bros cuddling with one of nature's more deadly predators. Now, New York lawmakers have introduced a law meant to ban tiger-cuddling pictures in New York State. From the New York Post: 

Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal explained that she introduced the legislation to increase safety at traveling circuses and county fairs that allow the public to get up close and personal with their big cats.

But the Upper West Side Democrat acknowledges proudly that the bill would also destroy a trend now prevalent among users of dating apps — men snuggling with tigers in reckless attempts to look brave or cuddly or, even more implausibly, both in their dating-profile photos on online services like Tinder and OKCupid.  “They can still pose with bears and monkeys,” the assemblywoman said. “They just have to take big cats off their list.”

There's a good chance that all of the people involved in this story -- the men who try to entice women via charismatic megafauna, the legislators who want to stop them -- spend most of their days preoccupied with less absurd concerns, and that we are just noticing them in an atypically dumb moment. 


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ChrisC from Brookltn

If NY State bans photos of people with dangerous animals - they should ban photos of people with the most dangerous and destructive predator on earth - humans!

(there, somebody said it)

Jun. 26 2014 05:04 PM

I don't really see the point. Why just large cats? Posing with bears would also be dangerous.
I certainly understand that holding or posing with an animal for a photo reduces it to a prop, but that's not the only thing people will miss out on. Hands-on and close up experiences with animals (including large cats) can be educational, informative, and foster a sense of responsibility. Being up close with an animal helps people think beyond the circus act and consider the animal's individual welfare and the welfare of the species as a whole.
The article (both this and the NY Post) seem very focused on "bros" as if single men on Tinder are the only people interested in tigers. I don't want to hang out with a tiger to look tough. I want to hang out with a tiger because tigers are awesome and it's something I don't get a chance to do every day.
If they are going to ban large cat encounters for "safety" they should be banning encounters with bears and other similarly dangerous animals as well.

Jun. 25 2014 10:20 AM

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