Dissecting the Media After Michael Brown

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Friday, August 22, 2014

From Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown, how media coverage unspools. Also, the #ISISmediablackout after James Foley's murder, and how the music of reality TV manipulates viewers. 

The Anatomy of Six Shootings

Brooke considers the pattern of the media's response to the killing of young unarmed African-Americans since the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012.

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Live Coverage's Impact on the Ground

Brooke speaks to Brian Thouvenot, the News Director for Ferguson, Missouri's  KMOV-TV, about whether too much live coverage will lead to more violence on the ground.

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The Media Came to Town

How the tidal wave of media coverage in Ferguson, Missouri is impacting locals. 

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The Global View of Ferguson

International coverage of the shooting of Michael Brown and the aftermath reveals a lot about how America is seen around the world.

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James Foley and the #ISISmediaBlackout

The hashtag #ISISmediablackout emerged organically, just hours after the news of American journalist James Foley's execution at the hands of the Islamic State. 

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You're Being Manipulated by Reality Television (Music)

We all know that Americans watch a lot of TV. On the Media producer Laura Mayer reports on the role music plays in one of the medium’s most popular genres - reality television.

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