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Friday, March 21, 2014


While there's currently no shooting war in Ukraine, there is a full-blown propaganda war accompanying Russia's annexation of Crimea, waged by the Kremlin with staged skirmishes, media manipulation, and historical cherry-picking. Bob talks with Michael Idov, editor-in-chief of GQ Russia, who says these tactics are intended to bolster one master narrative that’s been building for years.


Michael Idov

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Bob Garfield

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kaori from boston,ma

Of course OTM does propaganda. What else can it be expected. You can bitch all you want but the better thing is to listen to alternative:
It is weekly show out of WNUR. This week's program on the media ,1 hr into their program explains why program like OTM is a whoring around.
If you have a time, this is the best news detox one can get.

Mar. 23 2014 08:05 PM
Monte Haun

"... I would direct you to former Ambassador to Russia, Jack Matlock who was appointed by Reagan - he has quite a different take on the scene in Russia than the Bush appointed Ambassador that you had on the show.
Again, shame. Sincerely, Grace Heitkamp, Lonsdale, MN
Mar. 23 2014 04:43 PM "

Still another POV---


What are Vladimir Putin's overarching ambitions for Russia? Pat Buchanan.

PAT BUCHANAN: In the eyes of Vladimir Putin, John, the United States and the West took terrible advantage of Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed. We moved the whole NATO alliance right up onto his doorstep. We cut him out of the Caspian Sea oil. We ignored him.
What he's doing -- and also with Yeltsin; basically brought the country down to where it was a joke -- he wants to restore national and global respect for Russia. He's going a long way toward doing that. He wants to restore them as a great power -- not a global power, but a dominant regional power. He also wants to create a common -- a customs union that is opposite the common market and to deal with them on a straight, even basis.

I think he's trying to create a great nation again that's respected and whose voice is heard. And I believe -- I'm one of those who believe the United States can work with him. I see him as a Russian nationalist. He's got almost the utopian idea that he can bring back Orthodox Christianity to replace communism as the philosophy and what governs the laws and the rest of it in Russia. So he's got a tremendously ambitious agenda. But I think he's behaved in this Ukrainian crisis, despite what's said, in a very responsible way.

MR. MCLAUGHLIN: (Inaudible) -- an immediate point here, and that's St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg, they had a meeting of an international group. What was the name of the group?

MR. BUCHANAN: You mean the G-8?

MR. MCLAUGHLIN: The G-8. And at the G-8, it was hoped that the president and Putin would shake hands and converse. They didn't do so.

MR. BUCHANAN: I think we've behaved -- my view is we've behaved too petty as the greatest world power toward Putin. And I think he's a man we can do business with, as Margaret Thatcher said of Gorbachev.

ELEANOR CLIFT: Well, we heard from the pro-Putin corner here. I think there's been some tension --

MR. MCLAUGHLIN: Don't knock that corner necessarily."

I worked on the Safeguard RADAR and was proud of what had been accomplished, but delighted it was traded for the ABM Treaty.

When that filthy, murdering, Third-Generation Traitor and Psychopath abrogated the ABM Treaty, I was again reminded of my essential Truth, that there will be no Justice in the World so long as those people retain control of the levers of Power.

Monte Haun mchaun@hotmail.com

Mar. 23 2014 06:21 PM
Monte Haun

Damn, Benghazi all over again.

Like our President Obama, Comrade Putin is trying to palm off the annexation of Crimea as reaction to some Ukrainians angry about being thwarting in their desire to join Europe, when everybody knows Putin has been planning it for Years.

Thank God for the Media's swarms of Refusniks, always anxious to repay the Reagan / Bush kindnesses by showing us the Truth about their former Compatriots.

Showing us the Truth like BBC and NYT squelching the near Real-Time Report from a trusted Observer ON THE SCENE in Benghazi!!!

Monte Haun mchaun@hotmail.com

Mar. 23 2014 05:43 PM
grace heitkamp from Lonsdale, MN

Shame on you, On the Media! The American Media, along with you are in full war propaganda mode and to say that the Russian people are being duped by the Russian press ignores that elephant in the room. We need to demonize Russia and Putin to continue the neo-con, neo-lib agenda of war and privatization in the Middle East and elsewhere, protection of Israel over our own population, and more sales of armaments in a new arms race. Meanwhile we are losing are liberties and environment here at home. For god's sake, Paul Wolfowitz and Michael Chertoff were on the Sunday morning shows, and I don't mean on Fox News Sunday!! The torturers-in-chief are now accepted in civil society again. I would direct you to former Ambassador to Russia, Jack Matlock who was appointed by Reagan - he has quite a different take on the scene in Russia than the Bush appointed Ambassador that you had on the show.
Again, shame. Sincerely, Grace Heitkamp, Lonsdale, MN

Mar. 23 2014 04:43 PM
reporter from round lake, il

I highly doubt that the editor from GQ is qualified on any issues regarding foreign policy not to mention Russian psyche. (I am not even going to comment on what he said about Russians but I wonder if the US border agent said something like that about Muslims what would be the reaction of your producer aka yes, the shoe is on the other foot now.)
Actually this reinforces the MO which I see time and time again. Radio producer will call some always "reliable" member of the commentariat to hear if he can produce quotes for "fill in the blank narrative."
I do partially like Ambassador McFall's response here but he is right only on technicality. US Govt is not funding in any essence any "regime change" directly but does it indirectly through NGOs (with exceptions of Libya and Syria in recent times). The same complaints come time and time again from many countries, in recent times from Egypt, Venezuela, Russia and even some Ukrainians about the agenda at play: US fingerprints (aka Nuland and Pyatt tape about set up of Ukrainian opposition and who's should head it). Story Idea for OTM: why nobody is following the money and finds out what Chevron Corp is doing in Ukraine?
And about the conversation with a novelist on Crimea, what does it have to do with a situation there? Outright bizarre. Brooke and Bob are engaged in blatant and shameless propaganda. No wonder this reinforces Russian's perception that the new cold war is on.
For a real situation at Maidan, (which by the way I witnessed in Kiev and OTM did not, please see the BBC Newsnight report). It speaks for itself:


Mar. 23 2014 01:41 PM
Benoit Balz from NYC

Has Bob lost his mind? Full-blown propaganda war? NPR's giving us a full-blown propaganda war about this issue right now. It's full court press cold war BS, and it looks like onthemedia can't wait to get their pants down and participate.

But what right does the US have to tisk-tisk and employ sanctions?

Unfortunately, the US lost any shred of moral highground due to the debacle in Iraq, and the misadventures in Afghanistan. Or let's just call it the tragedy of, using George W. Bush's term, AfghanistanIraq. The US stamping its feet over transnational aggression? What a joke!

For something more relevant, let's look at the pro-military, pro-corporate and anti-dissent propaganda war being waged on the American people every single day.

Mar. 22 2014 04:29 PM

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