The Results Are In

Friday, October 18, 2013


Brooke and OTM producer PJ Vogt get their genetic tests back and reveal the results to each other. Then, to help them understand what their results really mean, Brooke and PJ speak to geneticist Greg Lennon, co-founder of SNPedia, a wiki-pedia for genetic information that aims to make “DNA stuff” real. Lennon answers some of Brooke and PJ’s pressing questions about their results. Among other things, Brooke finds out she doesn’t have as much Neanderthal in her genes as she hoped.


Greg Lennon

Hosted by:

Brooke Gladstone and PJ Vogt

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Liz from New York City

I just heard this on NPR - 2/23. I wanted to share my DNA experience. I feel that I have a unique POV of 23andMe due to medically necessary DNA testing: - I also hope NPR continues to support conversations on DNA testing... I find it so hard to find viable information.

Feb. 23 2014 01:25 PM
Ruthie from Vermont

What, exactly, does any of this have to do with journalism, the media, or anything even close to it? I know 23andme has sponsored This American Life...this smacks of product placement.

Nov. 28 2013 11:57 AM
Scott from Richmond VA

You know Brooke, I was pretty interested in the concept of DNA analysis until I put the idea that the Mormon Church now owns your genetic record AND the fact you related that you are "97% Ashkenazi".

Same here, and immediately my mind went to idea of what would happen if the next Hitler were to come up through the ranks of the Mormon Church, or from anywhere, for that matter? No longer could you change your last name or faith to pass. They'd have a list with, say, everyone who has 50% or more Ashkenazi genetic material or any other race they chose to target. What then? The idea leaves me mortified.

Oct. 21 2013 09:10 PM
Carl from Australia

I'm 3.0% Neanderthal, and that's a lot more than average. 3.5% Neanderthal is huge.

Oct. 21 2013 01:03 AM

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