Sad Internet: 5 Things That Made Me Sad On the Internet This Week

Friday, March 21, 2014 - 12:36 PM

Now that you've had a chance to wade through lists of the coolest stuff that went down on the Internet this past week, here are five things that made me sad.





  • "Dropped: Why did Anthony Gatto, the greatest juggler alive — and perhaps of all time — back away from his art to open a construction business?" from Grantland. A 6700 word tour-de-force on Anothy Gatto, the 11 World Record-holding, Cirque du Soleil featured, juggling maestro, who now works in the concrete business. Why this is sad: It's fair to say that Gatto may have been the absolute best juggler in the world. If you're the absolute best at something, and you still gotta give up your dream, what does that mean for all of us who are like "pretty okay good" at a few things? 


  • Double the Sad: "The House I Used to Live In" from The Paris Review, and "Ghosts of Shopping Past," from The Morning News. Why these are sad: Photos and stories from once booming dwellings or businesses that have since gone to rot, because of commercial failures. BRB, I have to go dig some quarters out from the bottom of my purse now.



  • That 22 lb Himalayan house cat who attacked his owners (after being kicked, which is sad), is now living in a shelter :( Not one to miss a cat in distress, or to prove he's got a Doctor Phil moment in him, "My Cat From Hell's" Jackson Galaxy (or, as he's known in my house, Gordon Milky Way) is on the case


  • Want to wind down after a long week by searching through missing cat postings from years, and years, and years ago? Never fear. Here's the saddest website of them all, Tabby Tracker, and its Unknown #46446


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Laura has tapped into something that strikes me as the internet trying to help and not really helping. Instead of one town square or lost and found listings in the old print edition, there are a dozen or so sites where people can post info on missing or found pets. Many of them hang on there after the pet is found, or long gone. And with slim odds that the loser and finder will look on the same sites. I've started collating all the info I can find from various sites, just for my zip code, on a Facebook page. But it does feel somewhat like herding cats... even when it's a terrier.

Mar. 28 2014 05:37 PM

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