Should the EU Punish Propagandists?

Friday, April 04, 2014


Dmitry Kiselyov is a Russian television host and head of Russia's state news agency, a role he was appointed to by Vladimir Putin himself in December. That role has prompted the EU to issue sanctions against Kiselyov for being a "central figure of the government propaganda supporting the deployment of Russian forces in Ukraine." Bob speaks with the Committee to Protect Journalists' Joel Simon about the dangerous precedent set by punishing propagandists.


Joel Simon

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Bob Garfield

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Paul from Australia

Киселёв's (Kiselyov's) comment re homosexuals is taken out of context. He is referring dirrectly to the USA FDA's policy on banning homosexuals from donating blood or sperm or organs. The bit about burning the hearts and then burying them, I admit, sounds a bit colourful (it is a debate after all). But again, he is saying that this is what happens in the USA. What do you expect happens to organs that are suspected of being contaminated with HIV, AIDS or Hepatitis etc. or even ones that are not? I would expect all bio-hazards and medical waste would be burned and buried. What do you suggest to be done with medical waste?

A note to OTM fact checkers (if you exist). Get yourselves a Russian translator and watch the Киселёв clip. In other words DO SOME FACT CHECKING before you spout rubbish!


Apr. 07 2014 02:49 AM
Eric Goebelbecker from Maywood, NJ

So...does any of the content on his show even resemble journalism, or is this just a debate over whether or not hate speech automatically gets you kicked out of the club? Would have been nice to know.

Just sayin'.

Apr. 06 2014 02:58 PM

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