Someone at the EPA Really Likes Kim Kardashian's New iPhone Game

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 - 11:00 AM



Late last night, the official Twitter account for the Environmental Protection Agency accidentally tweeted an excited proclamation about their success in the Kim Kardashian's new mobile game, which invites you to "create your own celebrity and rise to fame and fortune!" 
Apps of all kinds - not just games - often try to automatically tweet these sorts of tweets because they're free word-of-mouth promotion of the app to the user's social network. Presumably, what happened here was that the social media manager at the EPA was using the EPA's account from their personal phone, and failed to notice that they'd given Kim Kardashian: Hollywood permission to unhumbly brag about their ascension of the virtual social ladder. 
There's not much of a bigger idea here, which is OK! Sometimes it's funny when an institution that's supposed to seem buttoned-up and humane accidentally stumbles and gives you a glimpse of the human beings behind the curtain. To their credit, the EPA seems to be handling their mini-gaffe in stride. 


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Mike from North Carolina

The bigger idea is that social media managers of all stripes are using their personal devices to manage organizational profiles, further eroding boundaries between work and personal time. In my case, I was not asked to use my personal device to manage our organizational profiles, I just knew that I could do a better job that way than if I was only using my work desktop nine to five. There are probably very few social media managers that haven't accidentally mixed up personal and work accounts at least once.

Jul. 22 2014 10:30 PM
Brett E

I believe the "A" stands for Agency, not Authority.

Jul. 22 2014 11:45 AM

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