Stephen Glass Can't Be a Lawyer

Friday, January 31, 2014


Earlier this week the California Supreme Court ruled that Stephen Glass could not become a lawyer in the state. Bob considers whether that was the right decision.  

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Bob Garfield

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The Truth Seeker

Maybe the news media should look in the mirrot more often before just picking on a single former journalist. This highly "embellished" and "fabulous" story has never been corrected either, even after 9 years. What really happened in 2004? Will we ever find out? Will the 1200+ other talented students who took part in this "competition" ever find out?

The real scandal being the cover-up that followed the press releases(by adults, academics AND journalists), which has lasted for years. How could academics agree to cover up the truth? How could journalists agree to do this, on the behalf of Siemens and the College Board? What kind of "lesson" does that teach young scientists? Is winning the "only thing" that counts, even in science?

Feb. 01 2014 11:24 AM

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