Taking Sense Away

Friday, February 14, 2014


Jason Harrington worked as a Transportation Security Administration officer at O’Hare airport in Chicago for seven years. Harrington quickly became disgruntled. Not just with the day-to-day absurdity of carrying out what he saw as ineffective security tactics, but by how much the TSA kept away from the public. So, he started writing a blog, anonymously, called Taking Sense Away. Bob speaks to Harrington about his time in the TSA and his Politico article “Dear America. I Saw You Naked. And, Yes, We Were Laughing" which unmasked his anonymity.


Jason Harrington

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Bob Garfield

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Steve MacIntyre

One aspect of the implementation of these so called "porn scanners" which is virtually never discussed (including in this interview) is the corrupting role that Washington business as usual played in their procurement. If you'll recall, in addition to the obvious privacy concern, there was also some evidence that they increased the likelihood of contracting certain cancers and there loomed the question whether they provide any additional security at all. The consensus was that they do not. Nonetheless they were soon installed in every major airport in the country.

Why? Because backscatter scanners were a solution in search of a problem. So the companies manufacturing these things hired former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff to lobby Congress and the the TSA and, voila, the manufacturers got rich and we got TSA officers ogling our nakedness.

Feb. 16 2014 12:51 PM

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