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Friday, April 04, 2014


Television Without Pity began as a Dawson’s Creek fan site in the late 90s, and was bought by NBC Universal in 2007. Now NBC Universal is shutting down the site, and the forums it spawned. Brooke speaks with Emily Nussbaum, the New Yorker’s television critic, who came to TWOP early and then stayed and stayed. 


Emily Nussbaum

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Brooke Gladstone

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SlackerInc from Kirksville, MO

Nice segment. I agree with Nussbaum that the forums were the heart and soul of the site. After initially saying none of the content would be available to the public after May 31, NBCU is now saying the professional recaps will be archived. But if the forums will all be gone, that will still be a true blow, as Nussbaum indicated, for social/pop culture historians and anyone interested in going back and seeing how viewers reacted to shows in real time.

Apr. 10 2014 01:19 PM
Eric Goebelbecker

"Sorry that your Red Hot Beef & Bean Burrito is in the microwave so long sir, but perseverating in drumming your fingers on the counter won't make it finish any faster. Maybe you can find transcendence by reading Gawker on your cellphone whilst waiting. I appreciate your cöoperation."

Apr. 06 2014 05:55 PM
Jerrold Richards from Lyle, Washington

People came back from The Great Depression, and WWII, exhausted, and just wanted to stare at screens for a few decades. But that's over. A television critic for The New Yorker? I like The New Yorker, but non-interactive television is, well, being polite here, over. Maybe this television critic for The New Yorker can get a job at 7-11, thus doing something productive by selling apple fritters to those who want one.

Apr. 05 2014 10:02 PM

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