TLDR #14 - The Knowledge

Sunday, February 09, 2014 - 09:19 PM

(Brendan Loy)

Every year, a small group of sports fans scattered across the U.S. play a game called "Last Man." The goal is to be the last person in America to find out who won the Super Bowl. TLDR Sports reporter Lisa Pollak followed the game this year, and found out just how hard information was to avoid in the internet age.

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Clay from Philadelphia PA

I just got around to listening to episode 14 today, more than 45 days since broadcast. I enjoy your show. However, I must say that this one seemed a little, well, sensationalist? Overblown? Reason being, I'm an adult who uses a computer every day of my life and also listens to probably 1-2 hours of NPR on weekdays, but I still didn't know who won the superbowl. Not until your broadcast, anyway. I don't live in a total media blackout, but at the same time, the framing of the story assumed that we all use Twitter and Facebook, or watch network television, or interact (casually) with people who are unable to talk about anything other than pop culture.

Myself, i work in a busy office, watch tons of netflix, use email (and yes, even twitter), read news sites (mostly tech and music), and frequent all sorts of message boards. Nevertheless, even without being insulated from the world, I had no contact with anyone who cared to talk about something as silly as the Superbowl.

Maybe your points about media saturation / "the knowledge" are well made; however, my own reaction was to realize how even in an age of media saturation, our private bubbles can be easily maintained--even enforced, due to selective participation. I dont have a lot of sporty friends, and even those who ARE into sports arent the types to just blather about something as mundane as a football game. Perhaps i'm an anomaly, but listening to your show, I thought "I'd win this competition without even resorting to silly measures like unplugging from society, etc". Its not hard for anyone who isnt subscribed to a billion feeds, tweets, or casual social media 'friends'.

Maybe the thing is that I'm more selective about my intake than modern society pushes us to be. Not sure.

Keep up the good work, the show is interesting.

Mar. 27 2014 03:49 PM
George from Brooklyn

Why would anyone want to spoil the Super Bowl if they are trying to avoid it? Why would people sabotage this? What is the psychology of the saboteurs? I don't get it.

Feb. 10 2014 06:17 PM

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