TLDR Update - Peeking Into The Brain of The Army's Recruitment Robot

Friday, April 18, 2014 - 10:00 AM


In March, I did a story for TLDR about Sgt. Star, the Army website's virtual recruiter that answers questions from potential future soldiers. You can hear that story below.

In that story, we spoke to Dave Maass of the Electronic Frontier Foundation who had sent a FOIA request to the Army for more information on Sgt Star, but had not received any response. But now he has, and he wrote an impressive update on the EFF blog. Among other things, the EFF received every single answer that Sgt Star can give. I spoke to Maass about the things he learned about Sgt Star, like how he was born, his relationship to the CIA and the FBI, and even his astrological sign. Listen to the update below.


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Mark Brown from Fremont, OH. 43420

Sergeant Star tells potential recruits that he out ranks them. This is not true. The US is not yet a military junta. No military personnel “OUTRANK" even civilian contractors (though they might supervise or authorize them, it's technically different.) Recruits are civilians until they actually sign their contract.

Aug. 09 2014 08:02 AM
John Hurd from Las Vegas, NV

Sgt. Star gives everyone the truest picture of what life in the Army is like when he says, "Because I say so....last I checked, I outrank you."

You get the idea. You sign up with the Army, you subject yourself to years of taking orders from idiots whose orders you have to obey. My father was in the Army long ago. His job "required" him to sign off on a blueprint for a machine the Army planned to make. My dad told them them he wouldn't sign off on it. It was a dangerous design that could cost someone their hand. They still pressured him to sign it.

Jun. 15 2014 03:20 PM

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