TLDR Public Service Announcement

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 03:04 PM

Hello folks. This is not an episode. It is a short/urgent PSA. 

We've been getting reports of technical issues from TLDR fans. Apparently some people are accidentally following Alex Goldman on Twitter and then being deluged with a torrent of awful tweets about cats and boring cultural ephemera. This piece of audio includes steps for troubleshooting this problem, as well as musical accompaniment from Matt Farley. 


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Not Cameron The Intern

Sometimes the most inspired voices are the quietest. That is why I for one have chosen the path of the pacifist and stand with the OTM/TLDR intern, Cameron, in this twitter war. His tweets offer serenity and a piece of mind that the prophets believe will one day bring an end to this vicious battle.

May. 13 2014 03:03 PM
Peter from Toronto

Matt Farley is simply the greatest genius of the internet age.

May. 12 2014 03:32 PM

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