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Friday, August 15, 2014


Since the shooting death of Michael Brown by a police officer on Saturday, all eyes have been on the continuous protests being held in Ferguson, Missouri and broadcast over social media. Brooke talks with Trymaine Lee from Ferguson where he has been reporting this week, about what he's seen there. 


Trymaine Lee

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Brooke Gladstone

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Love the show- what happens to objective reporting??? I don't see it anymore. When the media interviews the media at least I would expect to hear questions about why don't people wait for investigation? After info is released it's not what theass wants to hear so that's another excuse to break the law and break curfew. I'm really tired of the news media escalating theses events instead of reporting them. I'll bet most of those law breakers were screaming about the illegal children crossing the border!!!! Why are laws selective????

So sad I can't even listen to public radio without feeling like I'm hearing sensationalism reporting.

I hope next weeks show has clips of protesters answering "what if this young man actually caused the shooting?"

Will that be another conspiracy from "the man"?

There is do much progress in relations but on tv there's nothing but minority repression and hatred.

Looking forward to see how next weeks show approaches any true objective reports.

Needless to say the death of any young person is unacceptable on face value but I want to hear truth and not one sided suppositions.

Thank you very much

Aug. 17 2014 06:34 PM
reporter from round lake, IL

I think Mr Kirby makes an excellent point. What is also not touched here is what the military industrial complex of war (aka bioscans of population in Faluja, Iraq , drone and mass population control) is now showing up on the streets of America. It is all related but nobody including OTM is connecting the dots as it is politically unfashionable and career killer (hello NPR). As far as NYT's Jodi Rudoren career is concerned and NYT optics on the issue of coverage of Palestine and Israel is concerned, the bias and untruths and half-truths are norm rather than exception. Did you all now that NYT's West Jerusalem office is a home confiscated without payment from a Palestinian family. NYT is fully aware of this and by the same token it is not or expected to be impartial.

Aug. 17 2014 12:39 PM
Julie Christensen from Omaha, NE

Thank you for an intelligent, thought-provoking discussion. Trymaine Lee put it all into a larger context at the end of the interview when he rattled off so many examples of unarmed black men who have recently been killed for what appears to be little more than being black. Getting upset over and over again about each death without looking at the big picture, that the lives of black men are at great risk in the United States, is like the definition of insanity: When are we going to stop having a quickly forgotten media blitz for each individual death and start making broad changes in the way our country regards black men? We need to educate and diversify our police force, but also the public at large. One step forward would be to vary the way we portray black men in on television and in movies.

Aug. 17 2014 11:29 AM
Jay from NYC

So young guys who portray themselves as thugs in pictures are upset when people perceive them to be thugs?
Maybe they need to consider the implications before they post a picture for millions of people to see. Is anyone required to take responsibility for anything?

Is it possible that the "thug" images are the first ones the media are able to find because they're readily available on social media?

Aug. 17 2014 10:29 AM
Tom Kirby

Brooke Gladstone counters, saying "It kind of does" when Trymaine Lee says being black doesn't make him an expert. But she can't even find _one_ Palestinian journalist? Does she think that "all Arabs are the same, so Sherine Tadros counts?" Or does she take the standard AIPAC line that no Palestinian reporter can be honest? So she goes to Jodi Rudoren, several of whose reports have been thoroughly demonstrated to be incomplete, inaccurate, and 'just by chance' favorable to Israel.

Aug. 16 2014 07:32 AM

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