This week of lies is over. Happy Friday!

Friday, September 27, 2013 - 02:03 PM


What a strange week it's been. We found out our favorite spambot was an art project. Kanye West, furious about a Jimmy Kimmel sketch, tweeted a Slate article. Last night, I saw a dog on the train doing a very good impression of a sleepy, home-bound commuter.

Anyway, here's your weekly bindle of miscellany. 


In the future, 3D printers will create toothbrushes custom-made for your teeth. They will take 6 seconds to clean your mouth. They will terrify you.

Birds, like people, have regional accents.

NPR is trying to coin a term for the passive-aggressive CC.

Send Me To Heaven is the stupidest app you could ever buy. I'm disappointed that Apple's banned it. Also confused, since it would help iPhone sales. 

Steve Albini's letter to In Utero-Era Nirvana was our favorite thing all week. "Some people in my position would expect an increase in business after being associated with your band. I, however, already have more work that I can handle, and frankly, the kind of people such superficialities will attract are not people I want to work with. Please don't consider that an issue."


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Thanks for the heads up Rick. Should work now. Hyperlinks. I'm going to master them one of these days.

Sep. 29 2013 02:27 PM
Rick from Boston, MA

fyi: the URL link in sentence
"NPR is trying to coin a term for the passive-aggressive CC." is a combo of several web links; if you edit to just
"" it works.

Sep. 28 2013 08:26 PM
Bill from New York, NY

I'm aggravated that every headline so far about the Blizzident is not "$400 Full-Mouth Toothbruth Costs $400."

Sep. 27 2013 03:11 PM

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