The wikiHow Guide to Stopping a Wedding

Wednesday, May 07, 2014 - 10:08 AM

wikiHow (lowercase 'w' is deliberate) wants to be the Wikipedia of how-to guides. And, as of a couple years ago, it had over 150,000 articles and north of 35 million visitors a month. But just like Wikipedia or any other wiki-based community, there will always be a problem of quality control. Take, for example, today's amazing deep internet find, the wikiHow article on how to stop a wedding.

To me, this reads as someone obviously having fun with the wikiHow how-to conventions, but it is played so straight that it's honestly kind of hard to tell. There's no subtle winks to it being a joke, and the illustrations are incredible. Here are just a couple.

If it's a joke, it's a great subversion of the culture and vocabulary of wikiHow's community. If it's not a joke, well, that is amazing on its own. Either way, it's an inspired use of wikiHow. So, now that you know the best ways to do so, get out there and stop those weddings!

(H/T Christopher Hooks)


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Kate from Newyork

One of such rare topics which I find funny to read and practice.
People might end bashing you up, if you gonna stop the marriage.

punjabi matrimonial

Sep. 16 2015 02:23 PM

There's a very eerie quality to the drawings. A hazy fog over a sad pastel palette just adds to the surrealistic quality of the whole entry.

May. 07 2014 04:11 PM

Check out the discussion

The page has existed since 2007, and a few comments imply that it began in a much simpler, more negative form. It's too bad that, unlike Wikepedia, wikiHow doesn't allow you to see the full editing history, but I imagine a couple of users decided to "corrupt" someone's quick joke into the current over-the-top parody of a how-to.

The discussion is pretty interesting in its own right, as it seems to have served as a place for people to vent a little about their own situations.

May. 07 2014 03:11 PM
Maddophelia from not Mars

I'm 110% convinced it was written completely in earnest.

May. 07 2014 02:42 PM
Jerry from USA

The only thing worse than dating and being unattached is monogamy :o\

May. 07 2014 02:22 PM

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