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Does Arizona’s Revenge Porn Law Criminalize Notable Nudity?

Friday, May 02, 2014

[Hey TLDR folks, PJ here. Amanda Levendowski is a friend of the show and a revenge porn braniac. She wrote a nice post about how Arizona's new revenge porn law actually has pretty troubling implications for journalists, which we're re-publishing here with permission.]

Governor Jan Brewer signed HB 2515 into law, making Arizona the ninth state to criminalize revenge porn. Here’s what the law says:

Unlawful to intentionally disclose, display, distribute, publish, advertise or offer a photograph, videotape, film or digital recording of another person in a state of nudity or engaged in specific sexual activities if the person knows or should have known that the depicted person has not consented to the disclosure.

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Revenge Porn Pioneer Hunter Moore Indicted

Thursday, January 23, 2014

UPDATE: read indictment below.

Time Magazine is reporting that Hunter Moore has been indicted by a grand jury for conspiracy to “access a protected computer without authorization to obtain information for private financial gain.” There aren't many details available and I haven't seen a copy of the indictment online, but will update the story as that information comes in. In the meantime, I've embedded Bob's interview with Moore from December of 2011 below:


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Could Copyright Law Be the Best Solution to Revenge Porn?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yesterday, I wrote a post about how the trend in revenge porn prosecutions (there's been more of them) seems like a good sign in the overall war on revenge porn. 

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Revenge Porn's Latest Frontier

Friday, December 06, 2013

"Revenge porn" is naked photos of people posted on the internet alongside personal information about them, like their phone numbers and Facebook profiles. There has been no higher-profile revenge porn profiteer than Hunter Moore, who ran the now-defunct website "Is Anyone Up." In this interview from 2011, Moore talks to Bob about his site and his lack of ethics.

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Legislating Speech On the Internet in California and the Rest of the Country

Friday, October 04, 2013

Recently, California passed a number of laws meant to protect individuals online from harassment and from themselves, but those laws have potentially problematic speech implications. Bob talks with Santa Clara University Law Professor Eric Goldman about the details of these laws, and how they can affect the rest of the country.

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California Bans Revenge Porn

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Last night, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that makes revenge porn illegal. Typically, attempts by well-meaning lawmakers to legislate the internet don't end well. These laws often end up restricting free speech without actually stopping the activity they're meant to. But if you're going to pass a law like this, California's looks pretty good. 

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Is Anybody Down?

Friday, November 16, 2012

A website called "Is Anybody Down" has popped up to fill the niche that was left when the revenge porn site "Is Anyone Up" shut down in April of this year. Like its predecessor, the site allows users to submit naked photos of other people and include links to the naked person's social networking page. But according to attorney Marc Randazza, this website's business model is slightly different from Is Anyone Up, and is of questionable legality. Bob talks to Randazza and Is Anybody Down's founder Craig Brittain.

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