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Rob Ford's Anti-Crack Interview With a Toronto Zine

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rob Ford's Anti-Crack Interview In Turd Magazine, A Toronto Zine

This morning, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford told City Councilors that he's purchased illegal drugs in the past two years, and pointed out that "We have all made mistakes. Unfortunately, I'm in a position to have mine exposed."

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The Mayor of Toronto Would Prefer Not to Discuss Whether He Smokes Crack

Friday, May 24, 2013

Late last week, Gawker published a post that achieved something Gawker posts rarely do -- it changed Canadian politics. Gawker’s John Cook alleged that he’d seen a video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack. It's been the lead story in the Canadian press for the past week, but so far the mayor has dismissed the charge and avoided answering any questions from the press. Brooke talks to The Toronto Star's Robyn Doolittle, who's been reporting the story from Toronto, about Ford's ability to disregard the media.

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